The asigned trainer for teaching Narm in Romania is Dr. Beate Leiße, together with her team of assistents.

Dr Beate Leiße (Germania)

Dr. Beate Leisse is psychiatrist and psychotherapist in Essen, Germany. She is – beside Laurence Heller – one of the 3 NARM trainers in Europe and she has over 20 years of clinical experience as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist (pschodynamic approach) in private practice.

Dr.Beate Leisse is one of the first students of Larry Heller, the founder of NARM, in Europe. Since then she has constantly assisted in different NARM Trainings/ NARM Master – class Trainings in Europe, held by Larry Heller and Michael Mokrus (Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Poland, Greece, Belgium).